Beautiful Oyster Bay, St. Maarten

Oyster Bay Beach Resort

Located on the eastern edge of St. Maarten in the Caribbean, Oyster Bay is a microcosm of island life. Just south of the amicable dividing line between the French (St. Martin) and the Dutch (St. Maarten) sides, Oyster Bay Beach Resort is the perfect blend of paradise living — breathtaking ocean views, sandy beaches, comfortable rooms, private yachts, exclusive property, full-service dining and Caribbean nightlife.

Discover the Caribbean

Embark on a captivating journey of discovery amidst the enchanting beauty of the Caribbean at Oyster Bay Beach Resort. Our resort offers a truly immersive tropical experience. Uncover the vibrant culture and rich history of St. Maarten as you explore the colorful streets of Philipsburg or indulge in the eclectic local cuisine.

Oyster Bay Beach Resort


Oyster Bay Beach Resort

#10 Emerald Merit Rd, Sint Maarten
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